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Morbi … not just Gujarat or India, but the world’s fastest industrialized city. Knowledge of the business and people extending from the local to the world is hardly anyone. The development and progress of the mettled, courageous, persistence people and the diligence of the public, and the nobility of the lively town, have been found during the last one century, during times of natural disasters like floods and earthquakes. Today, Morbi has become known and admired in the eyes of the world through its own identity and historical image, while at the same time, all local news, public questions and quarrels of this district, or smallest information of incident, incident or accidents, also get information from every citizen of Morbi district. Morbinews.in is constantly working impartially and fearlessly at the local level.

Morbi News means the first and only unique Local News Free Portal for Morbi residents who started the value of time and rhythm of the local news, changing with the vision, modern approach, experiences and internal understanding.

This digital news portal started by the group of senior journalists who have  been working in the field of journalism since the decade and a half, are the founders of the website of Morbi’s first ever only local news. With the aim of sending only News from Morbi district to the global level, the local people with the revolutionary initiatives in the local news world know every news, every one of them, in the form of a simple and clear website, which is Morbinews.in, message and platform.

Local Morbi News Platform is our website MorbiNews.in

MorbiNews.in is the first Gujarati language based website for news related to Morbi district.

Morbi News covers the world’s most rapidly growing Morbi area, is the ultimate and reliable information platform that provides detailed and reliable information for the moment.

Morbi News, which aims to communicate the feelings of the public and to solve every problem and to make a concerted relationship between the government and the society, means the news of messages, and expressions, is Morbi news.

Morbi News is a news website that will keep every Gujarati informed of Morbi’s news. The Morbinews.in, which is the name of the effort to give reliable information through the area of truth and reliable news before and early with fearless and impartial news. Know where the truth and the truth news are the things that are known as Morbi News.

The website is owned by Ravi Publicity.

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